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But my Client doesn’t give a crap about that training!

Construction training you should probably do even though your Client doesn't insist. We all know the mantra – Information, Instruction & Training. As the employer, you already know the duty you have to make sure everyone gets trained. But…

Unintentionally hilarious safety posters!

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Safety Assist Signage BG2 - Professional Health and Safety Advice

Falls remain deadly despite good controls

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CPCS V's NPORS Part 1 - Who will win out in 2019?

There are big changes coming in 2019 with the two main card schemes in construction. If you're interested in how this will affect employers and operators, take a look! #Construction #Groundworks #Plant  

What stressed employees are costing your business

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What stressed employees are costing your business   How often do you hear someone say “I’m stressed”?  It’s become quite normal to feel stressed at certain points of our day, with a variety of people and responsibilities vying…

e-learning isn’t e-ssentially best

  Many businesses understandably want to perform in a cost-effective way.  Their aim is to cut their operational costs so that they can perform as effectively as possible, whilst keeping staff costs to a minimum.  Ways in which…

A Tragic Reminder

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  A Tragic Reminder   As business owners and employers, we like to think we’re adhering to Health and Safety standards, but how seriously do we really take our duties? As employers we have a responsibility to our employees…

Don't make this mistake with your safety documents!

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There are two methods of dealing with health & safety documentation in business. The usual method and the right method. Which one will you choose.  

Where to start, when you don't know where to start!

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If you own or run a business you're probably swamped with a tsunami of tasks that need doing. The Health & Safety management of your business can sometimes get put on the back burner in this environment. In this short video, I explain…

Don't let this stuff suck the joy out of building your business

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There are two mindsets towards Health & Safety (in fact all compliance) that I see in business. One sucks the joy out of starting, building and growing a business. The other enables solid progress and puts all that compliance stuff in…